Pigmentation Removal

If you want to get rid of freckles and age spots, now is the time to take advantage of this new breakthrough in laser technology. Stubborn pigmentation has stood between many clients and their desire for a radiant, even complexion. Our Pigment Correcting Laser perfects skin tone and texture anywhere on the face and body.

This skin pigmentation treatment is quick, painless, safe and can help you to improve the look of discoloured skin. Revitalise your skin and remove unwanted pigmentations and sun spots faster than ever before with crystal freeze breakthrough technology gently delivering energy in short bursts to target and eliminate pigmentation without causing harm to surrounding skin.

Book in with us today to achieve visibly clear skin In fewer treatments, with no downtime
crystal freeze laser offers faster and most effective treatment for sun spots, age spots, freckles. You will only need around 2-6 treatments. you will be amazed as just how much you could improve the appearance of your skin.

  • About the treatment

    The ideal treatment for healthy, clear, even skin tone. Pigmentation skin disorders can affect the colour of your skin. Darker skin tones usually mark, scar and pigment more easily than lighter skin tones, leaving behind permanent pigmentation marks. We offer safe solutions for all skin types, combining our non-surgical high tech laser system it is ideal to work and enhance the natural beauty of your skin by targeting pigmentation and uneven skin tone to restore the skins brighter, lighter, even skin tone, leaving your skin glowing!

    We recommend 6 sessions too successfully achieve your overall goal.

  • How the treatment works

    With intense Pulsed light treatments a layer of gel is applied to the treatment area, the applicator is placed on the skin and a short pulse of light is released. The applicator is then moved to the neighbouring area and the process is repeated until the entire area is treated. During treatment protective eye wear will be provided.

    The heat from the light attracted to melanin/oxy-haemoglobin in the blood. The heat reaction breaks down the melanin coagulates through the lymphathic system leaving your skin with a clearer complexion

  • Does it hurt?

    The energy is delivered in very short flashes of laser light called pulses. As the laser light pulses impact onto the skin’s surface the sensation is similar to the snap of a thin rubber band. The procedure only produces mild discomfort.

  • What to expect

    Treatments will initially turn darker after the treatment and a slight crusting will appear on the skin, this will shed off naturally over a 10 day period. The skin will appear more even in colour and the pigmented lesions would be lighter in colour.

Pigmentation disorders for some people can fuel anxiety, depression and other emotional and psychological problems. Self-esteem and quality of life may also suffer. But there are now effective treatments available to treat skin disorders such as pigmentation.The ideal look for naturally healthy skin is a clear radiant even skin tone. When the skin is clear of blemishes it projects a natural healthy radiance.

Skin pigmentation disorders occur in all of us, these include discoloured marks or brown spots, as well as pigmented patches of skin. If you ask most people what they would most like to improve about their skin; the answer will usually involve making the skin tone more even, clearing the complexion of flaws, imperfections, injuries and disorders.

Pigmentation often referred to as hyperpigmentation, is coloured spots or patches on the skin caused by increased production of melanin, when skin cells become damaged or unhealthy. Pigmentation occurs in patches on your face and other areas of the body.

External pigmentation can occur due to external damage such as exzema, use of harsh products, very dry skin conditons, acne scars, cuts and scratches, mosquito bites and grazing the knees and legs even as a child. Photo toxic sun damage such as sun spots and freckles can occur due to sun exposure or sun burn. Internal pigmentation can occur due to hormones, birth control pills, pregnancy, nursing, illnesses and medications. Exposure to sun and ageing will only have made this problem worse.

Age spots are also known as sun spots, liver spots, lentigos or lentigines. These skin discolorations are typically brown and flat. They appear on areas of the skin commonly exposed to the sun such as the backs of the hands, the forearms, neck, chest and face. These can also be removed with our laser book i for a consultation and patch test today.