Crystal Freeze Laser Hair Removal

   Laser hair removal is a rapid, yet gentle way of removing unwanted hair, and is medically proven to give you permanent hair reduction.

The crystal freeze Ice cooling laser is able to provide faster treatments making it ideal for larger areas such as the back or with fewer treatment sessions than most lasers.

At SAS LASERS we use advanced laser treatment systems, making our treatments extremely safe and effective. Our staff are qualified and trained to preform laser treatment and are able to advise on all aspects of laser treatment. You can feel assured you are in safe, expert hands all the way.



  • Are you suitable for laser hair removal?

    Book In For A Consultation Today For Laser Hair Removal! 

    A laser practitioner or a laser protection advisor will explain the treatment procedure and examine your skin and hair type for suitability during your consultation. A test patch is carried out to determine the best laser treatment settings for your individual hair and skin type.

    Both men and women show interest in laser hair removal to remove unwanted hair. Laser hair removal is a method that commonly treats the following areas for both men and women: Face, neck, ears, chest, back, shoulders, underarm’s, hands, genital areas, buttocks, legs, and feet.  

  • Your laser hair removal treatment explained

    The heat from the laser system is aimed to permanently reduce hair growth but the hairs can remain in the follicle and often become attached to the epidermis depending on what stage your hairs are in their regrowth. The hairs will to shed/fall out 1-3 week period after the treatment as the epidermis is renewed. During this Period it will seem that the hairs are growing as the epidermis is pushing them out looking like the treatment isnt working but your unseen hair follicle with be continually damaged which will result in your permanent hair reduction.

    To ensure the best results for you we recommend a 6-8 week interval between treatments depending on which area is being treated.

    Aftercare advice will be given after every treatment and throughly explained during consultation.

  • How many treatments will it take?

    After your consultation appointment we recommend on average 6-10 sessions to successfully achieve your overall goal of permanent hair reduction

    It is often necessary to undergo a course of treatments ensuring that you leave at least a 6-8 weeks between each session. We recommend not leaving it longer than 8 weeks to make sure you receive the best results.

    Treatment with Male clients; More than average number of treatments will be required due to the high level of testosterone in males body’s natural drive to produce hair. At least 6-8 treatments will be needed for permanent hair reduction.

  • Does it hurt?

     Tolerance of pain is very individual from person to person. No anaesthetics are required, and most people describe the sensation as similar to that of a rubber band snapping onto the skin.

    Fortunately at SAS LASERS we use the latest generation laser hair removal device which has a built-in cooling element leading to a much more comfortable treatment. As the laser releases its energy heat is used to destroy the follicle, this will produce a stinging sensation. As we are using one of the worlds leading lasers its built in ice cooling system makes the laser head icy which takes away a large amount of pain. You will experience the sensation at your patch test. Erythema (redness) or some swelling to the skin can be a short term side effect following the treatment and this usually subsides within a few hours. If the skin is very sensitive, it may take a few days for the redness to disappear; we recommend plenty of aloe vera gel as this soothes and restores the skin cells. Pots of aloe vera gel will be provided after every treatment.

  • How is the treatment carried out?

    At SAS LASERS we ensure all of our clients are made to feel comfortable and are happy during and after their treatment. With Intense Pulsed Light treatments (IPL) a layer of gel is applied to the treatment area, the laser head is then placed onto the skin and a short pulse of light is released. The applicator is then moved to the neighbouring area and the process is repeated until the entire area is treated. During treatment protective eye wear will be provided.

Laser hair removal is the long-term solution to unwanted facial and body hair, achieving excellent results.

Many methods are used to remove hair some of the most common are shaving, waxing, threading, plucking and electrolysis, all very time consuming and can result in scarring the skin and offer only short term and temporary results. Laser hair removal by way of IPL hair removal cooperation with crystal freeze ice cooling are methods which which aim to remove unwanted hair permanently.

Laser hair removal is a treatment method that permanently reduces hair; it can be carried out on various parts of the body. Laser hair removal is FDA approved for permanent hair reduction and is medically proven to reduce the amount of hair growth. Laser hair removal has become largely popular in the last 10 years as a common method to reduce the hair permanently. After you have had a course of sessions you will find that the hair growth is significantly reduced and grows at a much slower pace than before and the hair is also much finer.

The crystal freeze produces light which is created from controlled energy; it is absorbed by the melanin in the hair and reaches into the hair follicles that lie beneath the skin. The energy heats the hair shaft safely destroying it without damaging surrounding tissue.

The unique Crystal freeze Ice technology treatment head numbs the skin area to decrease your discomfort. Crystal freeze is combined with ice cooling making our treatments much more comfortable and decreasing pain by up to 70%
-Most of our clients say they need less treatments with us.
-Long term solution to unwanted hair on your face or body
-Suitable for men and women